• Extra virgin olive oil
  • ⅓ cup corn kernels
  • Fine-grain salt



  1. In a lidded-saucepan, pour enough olive oil to create a thin layer over the base, turn on the heat
  2. Leave it a little while to get some heat, you can test the heat by adding a single kernel and seeing if it bubbles
  3. Once you have the heat, add in your corn kernels, pick up the saucepan off the heat and give it a good few shoves back + forth to get the kernels coated in the olive oil
  4. Quickly add the lid back on, return it to the heat, and then continue to pick it up regularly and swirl the kernels around, keeping the lid on tightly. This will prevent getting burnt crispy ones at the bottom! Once they start popping continue to pick up & swirl.
  5. Once the popping stops, add in a little salt and give it a good stir – then enjoy while still warm!



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  • Anitra says:

    I am learning how to be a sub and this was really helpful. It helped me to see that there is a part of me that is susibsimve. I mean I like to help people out and not want anything in return from it.

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