Ultimate Success Nutrition Consultation Package

From: $241.00 every 2 weeks for 12 weeks


Angie offers sports dietetic and transformation consultations and online (via Kalix) as well as face to face personalised clinic consultations for everyday athletes with serious goals right through to elite transformation or stage competitors. These consultations are in a package of a minimum of 4 appointments. In her extensive experience with sport dietetics and long- lasting, results, Angie knows nothing can be achieved in a 1 off appointment so 4 consultations is the minimum she offers. It can often take more appointments depending on your goal and time frame to your specific event, so this is an option following the completion of your starting package.


Angie is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD), Accredited Nutritionist (AN), Accredited Sports Dietitian (ASD), Level 1 Anthropometrist (ISAK) and Exercise Physiologist (ESSA). Angie has worked extensively with competitive fitness, figure and strength and weight category athletes as well as fitness centres and celebrities for transformation campaigns for over a decade. Angie specialises in sustainable body re-composition, maximising sports performance and evidence-informed supplementation prescription.

Package Includes

  • 4 x consultations over 3 months
  • Session 1: Initial Comprehensive Assessment 60 minutes
  • Initial consultation face to face (in house or remote video) + your personalised foundation prescriptive nutrition plan (this is written after your consultation time) + data collection journal + superfuel pantry guide + selection of recipes to begin your journey
  • Baseline body composition + results projections + explanation + report (in house option only, remote clients will be sent a template of how to monitor physical progress at home or a Level 1 Anthropometrist or DEXA facility can be investigated for you where you reside at an external cost to the practitioner)
  • Session 2: Extended Review 60 minutes (2-3 weeks after Initial)
  • First follow up review includes subjective analysis on reflection of a includes anychanges necessary to make the meal plan to ensure success
  • Session 3: Standard Review 30 minutes (4 weeks after session 2) o Second follow-up ensures meal plan execution
  • Repeat body composition assessment
  • Session 4: Standard Review 30 minutes (4 weeks after session 3)
  • Planning for sustainable health, performance & body composition o Repeat body composition assessment

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Product Description

Professional Conduct:

  • Angie works in consultation with your exercise program, coach or trainer or any health professional to completely understand your sport requirement to compliment your training (with your permission of course) to ensure success for you from every angle.
  • Angie provides you with a personalised meal plan with adjustments based on feedback and educational handouts/resources and recipes depending on your needs after each appointment.
  • You will have access to Angie via email should you need each week (please note she may take up to 5 days to answer this so it shouldn’t be urgent in nature and simple in nature.
  • Ultimate Success Upgrade: Should you require more accountability and support between appointments you can upgrade to daily access to Angie as her top priority elite clientele via phone app messaging or direct mobile phone calls where she will be available to you whenever you need DAILY at top priority. [Think… “I’ve been invited to lunch unexpectedly, how do I choose off this menu?” Or “I’ve weighed myself and I am going up after 1 week, I feel anxious and I want to exercise more”. Or “I’ve had a massive mindful win moment and I needed to share this success because no one in my family is supportive of my health goals.”]


  • Due to extensive experience and high demand, Angie must selectively take on one new client per week which fill up fast. Please expect there may be a 6-8 week wait on your Initial intake appointment, so it is recommended to secure your consultation well ahead of your event or transformation or event date.
  • Angie consults in clinic located at Perform 360 [5/100 Pickering St Enoggera] Mondays 6.30am-5.30pm and Fridays 8.30am-2.30pm.

Private Health Rebate:

  •  Angie is registered with every Australian health fund under extras cover [Dietitian/Nutritionist]. After your final package session, you will be provided with an itemised receipt of all your sessions for claiming back on private health. Note for remote consultations you may not be able to claim if this is not covered specifically by your health fund, please contact them to ask this for this type of consultation.

To Book an Appointment:

  • Please contact Angie at: angie@iperformancenutrition.com.au to arrange your Initial Assessment form or arrange a 15 minute phone call appointment which will ensures Angie is thoroughly equipped and the right clinician to be able to help you before booking your consultation package sessions. Following this process and on the grounds we will be a perfect working fit please secure your initial consultation appointment using the online calendar here: http://iperformancenutrition.com.au/book-now/


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