We’ve worked with many successful individuals. Hear what a couple of our team members have had to say about their experience with iPerformance Nutrition.

Mik G – NorthFace 100 Competitor

“Thank you so much for your nutritional planning and guidance as I’ve strived to improve my ability as an athlete. I now know just how important a role nutrition plays not only during races, but also in the months of training beforehand.

With your assistance I’ve not only seen my 100km race-day performance improve by over 6 hours but I’ve also felt healthier, happier and more confident in lining up for future ultra-endurance events! I’d thoroughly recommend you to any athlete looking to move up to the next level of performance.”

Karen Harris – Perform 360 8 Week Challenger

“Everyone smashed their goals during this challenge and whilst we have amazing (if not the best) coaches, outstanding programming and a super supportive community, we also have you – our own little secret weapon!

The amount of time you spend creating recipes from scratch that are not only super tasty but support our goals – you know, making them, adjusting them and making them again. And then probably adjusting them and making them one more time, working out the macros and all the other sciencey stuff and then coming in to demonstrate how to make these delights (we can see the prep that goes into this)! as well as “dishing” out a thousand knowledge bombs is just amazing. You’re always there to answer our questions.

You’re an expert in your field and you are crazy talented. You lead by example, are so passionate and committed to what you do and man, that shit is contagious. You don’t judge, you encourage. You don’t preach, you inspire. Thank you from all of us for all of the hard work you do, for helping us achieve our goals and for helping us to love food just as much as you do!’

Andrew C – IM Triathlete

“You have fully converted me into knowing that aside from the training – nutrition is the most important factor in the race. To have taken 10 mins off my Mooloolaba time this year & to have done the Ironman so comfortably (don’t tell my coach) & to feel so good after the race is a testament to how much you have assisted me.

Whenever someone in the office asks me about my training/racing I stress how important nutrition is both before and after training & racing.”

Adrienne Sheppard – CrossFit Athlete

“Thank-you so much Ange, your nutritional guidance has made a huge impact on my performance! You have been amazing in helping me find balance between performing at my best, staying lean and not sacrificing muscle mass as well as still enjoying my busy family life! After a nice long Christmas holiday and new goal setting I am extremely excited to continue working with you!”

Corissa Nash – Cyclist

The word nutrition to me means being healthy, being fit and being full of energy when I am training, competing and in everyday life! Then all these words grouped together = Happy Corissa, because when my nutrition is balanced things just fall into place perfectly for me.

“I thought to lose weight you had to train long hours, burn lots of calories and then the less you eat the more weight you would lose. I tried to block out the fact that I always felt drained, tired and lacked motivation and enthusiasm in everything I did. I just kept telling myself you cannot eat you will not lose weight …. Then once I realized you can actually have 5 meals a day, small tasting portion of chocolate for desert, even a Sunday drink and not miss out on any coffee and still lose weight my entire training, motivation and success sky rocketed. The most important lesson I have learned with food in my sport is refuelling your body is just as important as the training session you did that day.’

David R – Triathlete

“Followed the race nutrition plan from last year and all went really well at Noosa. Did a PB of 2:30:07. My previous best at Noosa was 2:32:35 in 2006. I’ve been trying to crack 2:30 for 5 years now. Nearly got there but for a fall with the bike in transition which must have soaked up around 10 seconds. Never mind, there’s always next year. Also running PB’s at present – largely due to the weight loss I believe. It’s amazing how people keep telling me, a year after I last saw you, that I’m getting skinnier. I don’t think so and I weigh around 78kg. Feeling great.”

Romy M – Distance Runner

“Sally was recommended to me by some fellow runners who couldn’t speak highly enough of her. So as a vegetarian, long distance runner with a history of eating disorders I had very high expectations. I am very happy to say that Sal far exceeded those expectations and not only helped me achieve goals that I never thought I could achieve but also has provided me with the tools that I can continue to use for the rest of my life.

For the first time in over 10 years of being a vegetarian I have been able to maintain healthy iron levels and I am producing pb’s in all distances of my running. My disordered eating patterns are also something that I never thought I could normalise but I am proud to say that Sal has helped me to beat that demon too.

Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sal to absolutely anyone who thinks that they might need any help with their diet in any aspect of their life.”