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iPerformance Nutrition (iPN) is the ultimate nutrition coach for the active person.

If you are passionate about movement of any form and train consistently (no matter what level), then we welcome you to the everyday athletes’ sports nutrition hub where you can expect reputable, innovative nutrition information and inspiration for complete vitality.

Being experienced industry-qualified Sports Dietitians, we believe the resources you will find here are uniquely superior for people who embrace the benefits of living actively and are looking to improve their health, complement their training and maximise race performance through targeted sports nutrition.

Our Philosophy


Our food philosophy is one of WHOLE FOOD – there aren’t many diets that would disagree with this in principle, but we live it. Whole, real food is what we are about. Health is optimised when this is the underlying premise of making a food choice. We are reclaiming the benefits of eating real food and how that translates into performance in all facets of life.

We aim to SIMPLIFY your food and supplement choices! Diets often leave you questioning or confused as to what you should eat, or even what you are able to digest. They may also come with numerous unnecessary supplements you must purchase for its apparent success. This is done by convoluted & in-depth arguments as to WHY you should choose to adhere to the diet – which contain an ounce of truth. A diet should be a means to guide your choices, rather than a fixed set of rules. Sure we are prescriptive in our approach, but we are not restrictive.

Stay ACTIVE. We figure this is something that brought you here, in fact it’s how we started! Exercise. Training. Movement. It has always has been a fundamental part of our lives, and we firmly believe there is an athlete in every one of us. Instinctively we know movement is necessary but now we have science that confirms it’s the most effective and potent way that to improve the quality and duration of life. If it’s signing up to your first triathlon or racing your 5th marathon, no matter what level or type of activity you enjoy, do it consistently, adapt when you need, but don’t ever stop.


Our Story

Sally and Angie of Apple to Zucchini Sports Nutrition are Brisbane-based Accredited Sports Dietitians, Nutritionists and Exercise Physiologists that have worked together as a dynamic team for many years, helping athletes on an individual basis, to achieve their sporting and body composition goals through professional guidance.

That’s the formal, professional bio out of the way. Prefer the real story?

Sal + Ange are insanely passionate about food. They love nothing more than smashing out an intense gym session or setting the alarm for 4:15am – because that is the time you’ll catch the early morning crisp running weather. They will spend HOURS perfecting nutrition plans because they love nothing more than working with motivated individuals, with a goal to get somewhere. And get them in the same room, and you can guarantee there is no room for conversation about anything other than training, food, wellness and the latest trend in health and fitness.

ANGELIQUE CLARK |Accredited Sports Dietitian & Exercise Physiologist

Hi team, call me Ange! I’m a passionate plant-focused cook, I love lifting weights and I get very excited guiding active people to better health and improved performance.

I have work extensively in the arena of competitive natural body sculpting and sports nutrition prescription for plant-based athletes. But above all else, I am a real mum juggling the dynamics of young children, keeping my brain inspired with the latest sports nutrition evidence all whilst trying to find time to exercise for myself and provide the best possible nutrition for my family.

Quality food and activity was instilled into my European upbringing. I have fond memories of cycling with my Dad and coming home to my mum’s French-Mauritian table. Inevitably I was destined to venture into a lifetime of conscious movement and an appreciation of nutritious food. I am that person that has always put effort into ensuring my health is of highest importance – in fact it’s all I know, so I decided to build a career around what came easy to me in the hope that I could make it easy for others to enjoy also.

There have been athletic challenges along the way. Whilst cycling took a large part of my family life, it was my brother who would eventually follow in my Dad’s cleats and pursue the sport at elite level. My handy endurance genes however helped me excelled at cross-country running and I dabbled in triathlon but stuck with basketball most of my schooling years. My interest in building muscle and getting lean came after school. This influenced my decision complete a degree in Exercise Physiology which evolved into rewarding work in musculoskeletal rehab, but also spending far too much money on fitness attire and exploring competitive figure sculpting competitions in my down time! So, with support from my husband I followed my food science passion with a master’s degree in nutrition and dietetics.

And then Angie met Sally… this was a partnership that fell into place like two peas in a pod. I have now worked alongside Sal for the last decade, we share the same values, the same passion in nutrition as well as many laughs over feeding our willing vs. imposed-upon husband’s vegetarian meals!

In my 12 years of professional practice, I have complimented a multitude of sports at many levels with nutrition prescription, but it might just be the parent in me that woke up one day not too long ago and thought – there must be more to nutrition than just performance enhancement. I started to care about where my food came from and I started to realise that cooking was a skill that most of us had lost. My drive then became about increasing awareness of the undisputed benefits plant-based whole food and how to create delicious meals that by default also supported optimal longevity and a healthier planet. It just so happens this further enhances performance in more areas than sport!     

SALLY GARRARD |Advanced Sports Dietitian & Exercise Physiologist

I’m Sally, and my nutrition story gathered momentum as I was competing as a lightweight rower: either you weigh in at 57kg, or there is no race. Wow. No pressure right? Sports like this don’t exactly nurture a healthy relationship with food, and after taking advice from fellow rowers and coaches to ‘just eat carrots’ I decided to seek professional help to make weight. Seeing a Sports Dietitian opened my eyes to the human body’s incredible ability to respond to an eating plan. It was very simple, and it worked to drop the weight. It wasn’t easy or sustainable, but it did show me some very basic rules that govern physique goals.

It also showed me that with all the advice that is out there, athletes are very much at risk of developing UNhealthy food behaviours, and a poor relationship with food, especially when performance expectations and tight time frames exist. But I don’t believe it has to be this way, and many athletes I’ve worked with will attest this to be the case when we have turned their eating behaviours around. It is possible to have optimal performance and wellbeing in the same athlete. In fact, this is precisely where optimal performance is created!

My body type is the opposite to Angie’s – geared towards sprint & power, yet it was the lure of travel that saw me morph to a distance athlete. My first half marathon was in Malta, and I saw obscure parts of the UK each weekend by trawling the Runner’s World events calendar for somewhere new to run. The real endurance test was when I discovered ‘up-hilling’ while I was living in the ski fields of Colorado. Each day I would skip the ski-lift and walk up the mountain on snow shoes instead. I’ve never moved so slowly yet had such a cardio-vascular challenge. Even the half Ironman didn’t come close to my first uphill race! I love the endurance athlete, and all that comes with it (caffeine anyone?)

Now that I have 2 young kids, the training & racing is closer to home, and I experience the exotic destinations via my elite athletes who chase the summer year-round. To date I have worked with Olympians and world champions, and national scholarship athletes from Diving, Rowing and Tennis Australia, Triathlon, Cycling and Athletics Queensland.

While I love the elite nutrition scene, my heart lies with the ‘everyday athletes’ who are out there, balancing the commitments of a busy life, and striving to achieve their goals, and doing so without the fanfare of the world stage. Those who are doing to for their kids, and doing it for their health and well being. My perfect day at work is when I design a nutrition plan for an everyday athlete that will deliver their ideal physique, keep a healthy relationship with food and not only allow them to train, but train hard. Not to mention still having energy to burn when it comes to the busy-ness of living life. Behind each meal plan I write is the combination of cutting edge sports nutrition and undeniably basic fat loss principles. Mix with this learning’s from other food cultures and healthy eating behaviours, and I believe this is what creates a meal plan that delivers optimal results, and a base from which you can make food decisions for the rest of your life!

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